User Stories

User Stories

Before we start with our development process, we will explain the full function of the healthcare app from the user’s point of view. This way we can determine the user experience goal, and the steps that the app user will go through when using the healthcare app for the first time.

Set of Mocks

Set of Mockups

After we discussed the user stories and user experience, we will move on to the mockup stage of the app development service. This is where our app designers work their magic! Our app designers will create a set of mockups of how the app might look once developed. This is where we will tweak the mockup design until you are happy with your healthcare app design.


Application Development

After all of the app designs, mockups and demos are approved, we move to the final step in the healthcare app development process. In this step, our experienced medical software developers put their skills to work to create a product that will go beyond your expectations.



Technologies of choice should be compliant with the functional and non-functional requirements of the healthcare application.



The technologies should have a large enough, and growing developer community; a growth-oriented consideration for both Evenset and the client.



Technologies of choice should be modern enough to meet the high expectations of the users of a modern web application.

Maturity & stability

Maturity & Stability

Technologies of choice should be stable and mature to minimize the risk of security issues or unresolved bugs for the client.

Our Services

At Evenset, we offer world-class Medical Software Development Services. Every project we work on is unique, but with every project, we form partnerships with our clients. With our healthcare app development services, we assist enterprises in building capacity inside their organization to increase their productivity.

We pride ourselves on providing great support to all our clients and on building lasting relationships through our unique product support. Our project managers, software developers, and designers frequently meet with our clients to address their healthcare software development services needs. Our clients always come first!

Evenset Led Product Development: A lot of times, clients will contact us with little experience and knowledge of our Medical Software Development Services. In this case, we will lead the project and offer as much insight as possible to ensure the final product matches the client’s vision.

Evenset Led

Client Led Staff Augmentation: In some cases, our clients have contacted us with pre-established design departments. In this case, we focus on offering advice and consulting on phases we have expertise in.

Client Led

Co-location: During co-location projects, we work alongside clients, either in their office or ours, to ensure that communication is constant and information flow is accurate.