Meet Evenset

Glad you’re taking the time to get to know us better.

Meet Evenset

Glad You’re taking the time to get to know us better.

We are a software agency based in Toronto, Canada, committed to delivering outstanding software applications.

We are a Canadian software agency based in Toronto, committed to delivering outstanding software applications.

The Evenset Story is a story of Putting the Client First

Since the dawn of Evenset we have been driven by our desire to create technology that can have a meaningful impact on the world. Founded by two partners that have extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry, the company became focused on developing technology to empower those who work in healthcare, medicine or a related-field.

With a grounded understanding of the critical nature that working in healthcare can bring, a commitment was made to always approach work with care, ensuring that the client is heard and unique challenges are understood. Through these values, the company developed a strong reputation among clients for being reliable, responsive and committed to delivering the highest quality service.

our team is composed of multi-disciplined Experts from around the world

Our experienced team of project managers, software engineers, and product designers engage our customers throughout the entire development process.

They approach problems with care, open-mindedness, and perseverance. Together they aim to deepen their understanding of great user experiences while embracing change, technology and innovation.

Our expertise is Medical Software Development

We have worked with a variety of hospitals, medical institutes and non-profit organizations to deliver secure and healthcare compliant software. Our team will ensure that your software is HIPAA compliant and also meets the plethora of standards and regulations governing the field of medical device software development.

What we value

How we work


Customer Focused product development

Throughout the design and development process we meet with you on a regular basis to gather feedback and ensure we are meeting your specific requirements.


Long-term partnerships with clients

Even after deploying the initial product, we remain on your side, helping you go to market, maintaining the application and building future phases.


scalable designs and clean code

We use modern design and development practices to future-proof our solutions so they can continue to service our customers as they grow.


Agile Thinking

We prioritize collaboration, adaptability to change, and short iterative development cycles. By embracing Agile principles, we deliver high-quality solutions that align with our clients’ unique and evolving needs.



Our design and development process provides a powerful framework for facilitating opportunity definition and idea development.

The Evenset Story is a story of...

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Interested in joining our team?

If you have a passion for creating meaningful software applications we would love to hear from you. We pride ourselves in being an equal opportunity employer dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare technology. We embrace all unique stories, skillsets and fresh perspectives.

Ready to build your next great project with us?