Our Process

Check out what makes us the obvious choice for your unique and challenging project

Our Process

Check out what makes us the obvious choice for your unique and challenging project

To create a top quality product,

We have a flawless yet flexible process that allows us to collaborate as an agile team

Our Process

We use the Agile practices to create high-quality software that meets our clients’ needs. This approach allows us to quickly adapt to changes and iterate on our work, resulting in software that delights our clients. In this section, we’ll share our Agile process and how it helps us deliver great software.

user stories

In the first step of our Medical Software Development Process, we work together with our clients to define a set of ‘User Stories’. These user stories should capture all of the functionality that will be available to users. If there are multiple roles in the app, these functionalities will be divided based on the role.


In the second step, the look and feel of your app will be designed. To do this, we take those user stories and design a set of wireframes, storyboards, user flows, and prototypes. We try to learn about your target users as much as possible.


At this point, we will start the development process. To make sure we keep up with the Medical Software Development Standards, and your requirements, we will follow Agile software development best practices, including Scrum. We plan 2 week sprints, and at the end of each sprint we deploy the progress into a staging environment. These short iterations give our clients the opportunity to see the progress early and often so that feedback can be received and incorporated as soon as possible.

user testing

This is probably the most important step of the software development process. A lot of methods are used to gather analytics about how the users are interacting with the app. Having this data in hand, allows us to go back and trim the design.


Whenever you are ready to release an update to the production environment, we will get the stable version from the staging environment and release it to the public. The release cycles can be as short as our sprint length.

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