A reliable COVID-19 chatbot



COVID-19 has caused irreversible damage to our lives and the economy. Due to how quickly it spread and having not enough information about the virus has generated a global panic. Another big contributing factor was misinformation being spread around social media like a wildfire.

The Challenge

We wanted to create a COVID-19 information retrieval service that is quicker and more intuitive than the traditional way of looking up information online and to get the information from trusted sources. The challenge was making sure the interaction is as natural as possible. We achieved this by designing a chatbot, rather than a search engine.

The Solution

We created Tali, a COVID-19 information retrieval chatbot that uses Natural Language Processing techniques, that gives users an answer to their question based on large reference guides including, but not limited to the World Health Organization. It also utilizes a speech-to-text feature, where users can just pick up their phone and ask any question they may have about COVID-19 and get the answer right away.

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