Helping Patients Participate In Their Healthcare Experience


Helping patients participate in their healthcare experience


Canada’s healthcare landscape is complex, and coordinated care has traditionally been difficult to attain.With over 50 years of experience, HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions™ is changing that by providing clinicians and patients with myHealthHub, a leading digital engagement solution.Trusted by more Canadian hospitals than any other IBT provider, we’re innovating the future of digital healthcare engagement.

Evenset is partnering with myHealthHub, a digital platform that enables patients to actively participate in their healthcare experience and empowers clinicians to provide improved care, efficiency and service.

Combining Canada’s most innovative digital platform with modern Integrated Bedside Terminals (IBTs) and implementation support, myHealthHub is a complete solution. Benefit from a scalable engagement solution that meets the needs of your care providers and contributes to improved patient outcomes.

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