Why Go Custom?

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When faced with a problem in your workplace it is often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With so many opinions as to how to fix the problem, coupled with ideas of revolutionized workflow, it can be hard to decide on what your first step should be. Usually, before meeting with us, our clients will have looked at many different one-size-fits-all systems, and need an extra push to be convinced to go custom. But why should anybody go custom? Here are our top three reasons why:

  1. Choosing a custom software solution allows you to fix the exact problems plaguing your organization. Whenever you make a change in a workplace, there are other issues that crop up. These issues can be caused by employee friction or slightly reduced capabilities in one area. They can be hard to manage and can create more headaches than the software was supposed to solve. By choosing a custom route, you can ensure the software is aimed at fixing the prevalent issues within your workplace, keeping the majority of your work flow intact.
  2. You only pay for what you need. With a lot of mass-market solutions, over time you will not be actively using most of the functionalities. These unused functionalities are either not applicable to your workplace, or they are forgotten in the time span between training and the present. This just does not seem fair as you will continue to pay for 100% of the software system despite only using 30%. With a custom software solution you can guarantee you are only paying for the functionalities that you need, as they have been tailored to your specific problem.
  3. You can develop and implement the software at your own pace. A lot of one-size-fits-all software solutions come with an expectation of immediacy. They want their product in your hands now. They want you to use it, be blown away by it, and be able to use you to make another sale and gain another customer. With a custom designed system you are in control. You can set the pace of interaction, and choose the date of implementation for when it best fits your organization. You are in charge every step of the way, and you are able to ensure that the final product completely fits your individual needs.

These are just the top three benefits of choosing a custom software solution. What was the deciding factor in your last decision to go custom? Let us know in the comments!

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