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When faced with a problem in your workplace it is often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With so many opinions as to how to fix the problem, coupled with ideas of revolutionized workflow, it can be hard to decide on what your first step should be. Usually, before meeting with us, our clients will have looked at many different one-size-fits-all systems, and need an extra push to be convinced to go custom. But why should anybody go custom? Here are our top three reasons why:

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When starting a new project, often the first questions we will have to answer are about the technology behind the product. Our clients, rightfully, can be very specific about the technology with which their product is being built. They meet us and ask about our choices of Backend, UI and Database technologies. Very often the ...

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This is Evenset’s first blog post. I am sure you already know what we do. We develop custom software for businesses who don't have the capacity to build that A* development team. We are passionate about technology. We think we have been lucky to be born in a world where there is web and there is mobile. It is unbelievable how technology has been shaping our lives.

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