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We’ve been busy here developing new apps but one in particular we’ve been working on is called Skylight. This is a feature-heavy application that required our developers to integrate several different technologies within just a few months.

Our team of developers built a steady user interface that can manage all the major and tiny details ...

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In this blog post, continued from the previous post, we will examine the other metrics in the study to see where canada stands in terms of what is considered as Entrepreneurial. 

New Business Ownership Rate


The second metric we analyzed was the rate of new business ownership. New Business Ownership rate measured the percentage of ...

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In the past few years there has been a constant rhetoric of entrepreneurship in the Canadian media. As many larger businesses suffered a downturn in the recession and its aftermath, many people turned to smaller businesses to continue to economic drive. But this respect for entrepreneurship is not new within Canada, or North America. The entire “American Dream” is based on people being able to draw themselves up by their shoestrings and become successful through entrepreneurship. As our economy continues to develop and change to being a tertiary economy, entrepreneurship will continue to prosper to help facilitate that change. How does this compare to the other countries rapidly moving towards a tertiary economy? Where does Canada stand in entrepreneurship? How can we use this data to continue aiding entrepreneurship in Canada?

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In Part 1, we explained different technologies which facilitates scraping and crawling many resources from the web. Although gathering the data from different sources is challenging, storing those data for future access also needs proper design and appropriate technology. In this part, our focus will be on different databases technologies avaliable in the industry.

Database ...

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The source of data for any data centeric application can come from scraping different websites. While there are many third party companies offering web scraping systems,  due to sensitivity of information and potential competitors, some companies might be  willing to build an in-house package to have the intellectual property of its scraping engine. Although an ...

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