When working in the technology industry, it becomes almost second nature to design technology products with the assumption that everyone has the same knowledge you possess. This is why today, technology is designed for young people, because that is who is working in the industry. Being surrounded by similar people and hoards of information can make it easy to forget that older people exist in the world of tech, which is unfortunate since technology can offer great benefits to the ageing population if used correctly.

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Today, blockchain is everywhere, and the technology has proven time and time again to be innovative and effective for a variety of different organizations. The extensive and secure data management that blockchain offers proves that this technology is ideal for the healthcare and medical sector.

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Some modern applications, regardless of their platform (web applications, mobile applications or desktop applications) choose email to transfer sensitive data between parties. Email services are usually chosen due to widespread usage, ease of access and fast implementations. In this post, the minimum requirements to use Email and remain HIPAA compliant is explained.

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