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  • Custom Web Development

    Software that serves your specific requirements

  • Cross Platform Development

    One unified solution served on different platforms

  • Bulletproof Security

    Secure web and mobile application development

Evenset Custom Software Development Studio

Evenset is a Toronto based web and software development studio that helps companies build their products faster and with a higher quality. We bring ideas to life through a fast paced agile software development process. Our team of highly experienced software developers and architects are committed to creating world class software with the customer at the center.

Our Services at Evenset

Evenset web and mobile studio in Toronto

Evenset is a software development studio in Toronto. We provide a collaborative software development experience, ensuring the final product you receive matches your expectations. Our professional team of brilliant software developers take the best care of your project, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • We meet with you and learn about your specific requirements
  • We propose customized solutions that fit your needs
  • We meet with you regularly and in person
  • We install the software for you and make sure it stays up and running
  • We stay in touch to make sure the application continues to be aligned with your project

If you have an idea you want to build upon, get in touch with us!

From websites to data service, from final solutions to prototypes we do it all. Contact Us today to get started on your project.

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Why Choose Us

Not only do we have a professional team of software developers, testers, security specialists and UX designers, but we also:

  • Meet with you personally to discuss your project
  • Collaborate with you on a solution so it seamlessly integrates into your current workplace
  • Provide regular progress reports
  • Deliver on time and with the highest quality
  • Provide after sale support and maintenance

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