Wearable solution for professional swimmers

Wearable technology has changed the face of professional sports and the level and efficacy of training. The market of sports technology is expected to cross the $31.1 Billion mark by the year 2024 (1). Swimming has fallen behind, due to the added challenges of water resistance and underwater sensor accuracy. TritonWear makes durable and precise swim wearables that help coaches to easily track their team’s performance, prevent injury, and improve their training.

Evenset has teamed up with TritonWear to build the next generation Triton devices. Every length, each device collects over 20 metrics and sends them to a nearby tablet for live performance monitoring. This can be showcased on a big screen for up to 50 athletes, allowing swimmers to track their own performance in real time. Once the tablet has an internet connection, the data is sent to the server, giving coaches and athletes access to previous training sessions. These are analyzed by our system to provide many additional features, such as progress charts, tailored recommendations, and athlete comparisons. In addition, automatic load monitoring helps keep injury risk below 5%, and video capture helps pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in athletes’ techniques.



Textile-based health and welness solution