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TENA Healthcare

It is no surprise that as the aging population grows, their cost of care goes up. What if there was a way to make that care more efficient? It has been found that 50% of nursing home residents in the US suffer from weak bladder control, costing $6.4 billion a year. Evenset has developed TENA, a wireless device system can be attached to the briefs to measure the moisture and transmit the data to a mobile device.
Not being able to sense when a residence is wet can be a health risk if left unchecked for hours. Therefore, Sensassure, with the help of Evenset built a cloud platform consisting of a web and mobile application that would measure the wettability of the briefs and send signals to a main server. The server processes the data and sends appropriate instruction to the mobile and web application. The application notifies the caregivers of the resident’s status whether the resident needs changing, checking, or if there is an error. The software can be set up for multiple facilities and contains a management portal. It also records caregiver’s response times, to improve quality of care and encourage efficient services in nursing homes.

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