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Renew Pharmacy

We’re all familiar with the frustrations of using traditional pharmacies. The long wait times, medications being out of stock, and no way to interact with the pharmacist at the comfort in your home. Despite being a $27B industry in Canada, significant improvements haven’t been made in over a hundred years.

The Challenge

In order to change the conventional pharmacy experience, Renew Pharmacy wanted to bring a new solution to the market. Prescription delivery to your door, live pharmacist consultations, transparent pricing, improved adherence, caregiver functionality, speciality content and clinical partnerships were just a few of the problems they are looking to solve.

To do so, we needed to create a patient mobile and web app, as well as a separate platform for the pharmacists to manage and interact with the patients.

The Solution

For the patient app, we focused on keeping the UI clutter-free while also displaying all the necessary information. Transparency is also an important aspect of Renew Pharmacy, so we made sure users could see the progress of their medication transfer any time, and the refilling cost breakdown as well. The pharmacist app was information-heavy due to pharmacists having to manage hundreds of patients. We made sure all pieces of information were laid out in an easy to digest format.

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