Blue Lava AI

Better treatment planning for cancer patients

Evenset teamed up with Blue Lava AI to help them organize their data information. Blue Lava AI utilizes AI to help oncologists to design the most efficient treatment plan for cancer patients. As they receive more data from different patients and their treatment plans, the system learns and better designs the treatment plan, Essentially “letting artificial intelligence improve treatment planning for cancer patients”.

Evenset has assisted Blue Lava AI with how to present their patient data and have designed two main phases. The application has a user-friendly design that users can work with it easily. Information architecture was a challenging phase in designing the app in which Evenset handled the whole process. As a result, working with the app is a smooth experience for the users. Along with app development, Evenset has also advised Blue Lava AI with designing branding colors, logo, and the look of the application.

Smart Shading AI

Enhancing tooth shade colour matching process