Why is it a smart business decision for entrepreneurs to hire professional custom software development firms?


Effective utilization of Information Technology has long been a key success factor for businesses in virtually every industry. With the emergence of the Internet, and later on mobile apps, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT), it has become even more crucial for businesses to incorporate IT into their processes in order to stay competitive. Furthermore, the Internet itself has created entirely new areas of business that either was not financially justified, or not even imagined possible in the pre-Internet era.

For companies to be able to take advantage of all the possibilities that recent developments in IT have to offer, they sometimes need to go beyond just purchasing the commercial-off-the-shelf software. However, they may also lack the necessary resources to build an in-house high-quality software development capabilities. They can tap instead into the expertise and resources that top local custom software development companies have to offer. This article lists a few reasons why it makes sense for businesses in Toronto and elsewhere to hire custom software development firms like Evenset Inc. The following are drawn from our own hands-on experience building custom software for some of our industry partners.

Focusing your resources on your core offering VS. Spreading yourself too thin

Younger companies and startups especially need to focus all their available, and most of the time very limited resources on their core competency. Unless that core competency is software development, the best course of action for them is to outsource projects to a custom software development company in order to free up resources and make them available for other high priority functions in the business. Sometimes the can-do attitude and the entrepreneur’s attachment to their business idea may keep them from effectively forming business partnerships. They may also be putting their company’s very survival at risk.  Here at Evenset, we have built custom software for two startups based in Toronto. Both startups were able to raise further funds and later were acquired by larger, more established players in their respective industries.

Saving time and money VS. dealing with all the hassles of developing an in-house software development unit

While some businesses stay agile and move ahead of the competition by outsourcing their application development needs, other ones are busy developing plans, buying equipment, hiring staff, etc. trying to achieve the same goals. Not to mention all the debt they rack up in the process and the subsequent interest costs they incur. Why waste all that time and money when you can have an entire firm of top software developers work around the clock developing your app while you focus on getting your product to the market ahead of your competitors?

Tapping into an unlimited pool of coding talent VS. being distracted with recruiting and training workforce for short-term projects

Imagine all the time and energy that you need to spend on posting jobs, screening countless resumes, conducting interviews, and training just so that you can develop the IT component of your business in-house. Now imagine having some of the brightest and best coding talent that money can buy do the same job for you at a fraction of the time and cost. Dealing with IT talent is a completely different HR challenge, especially in today’s market where software engineers and programmers are in high demand and short supply. Evenset only hires the best developers in Toronto and invests significantly in the quality of code,  technical skills, and applying the latest available technologies in servicing its clients’ needs.

Enjoying a customized turn-key IT solution VS. going over budget trying to re-invent the wheel

Much like any other project-based work, software development projects run the risk of going over budget and missing deadlines, several times. If you are doing your own application development work, especially if this is the first time your company is engaging in this type of project, you definitely run the risk of not finishing the work on time or having to spend way too much money on the project than what you had initially allocated for it. Enlisting the help of a custom software development team with experience developing software solutions similar to what you need is the best way to avoid that risk. By spending a small amount of time and usually at no extra cost, you can make sure you hire the best team to service your needs. You will have an IT solution that runs smoothly right from the start. The right custom software solution will come with periodic updates to make sure your product and your processes remain relevant to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing market.

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