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We’ve been busy here developing new apps but one in particular we’ve been working on is called Skylight. This is a feature-heavy application that required our developers to integrate several different technologies within just a few months.

Our team of developers built a steady user interface that can manage all the major and tiny details of a renovation which includes: tracking budget, monitoring the progress, processing payments, organizing documents, recording communications, and many more.

The technologies we used to build this application are Python/Django for the back-end and ReactJS plus Redux for the front-end.

Now that mobile devices are a part of our daily lives, it is crucial to build the application with web responsiveness in mind. All aspects of the app we have built are fully web responsive meaning that the user can choose to use it on whichever mobile device they prefer and it will still be displayed properly and be fully functional on the device. Nowadays this is a crucial feature for search engine optimization.

We work with small, mid-size, to large companies to build a product they envision. We also provide cost-effective solutions to all of our clients while maintaining the high quality they expect from our team of engineers and designers. For this project we needed to cost-effectively implement a way to integrate spreadsheets so that the user can actively sync their detailed statistical data to the application. This process was developed seamlessly into Skylight’s application using Google Sheets.

Skylight also recognized the mass popularity of chatbots and so they attempted to integrate a bot in the application so that the different parties (ie. homeowners, contractors) can engage in a conversation over sms and then have a searchable archive of their sms/mobile phone chats on the platform.

The above mentioned are just some of the different technologies we have implemented in this feature-heavy application. With the amount of different software technologies out there, it is important to work with a developer that is able to utilize all resources available so that the best approach can be taken to create your end product.

These approaches can also be applied to other similar applications that require a multitude of features.

To find out more about Skylight, please visit: https://skylight.tools/home

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