Hello World!

This is Evenset’s first blog post. We develop custom software for businesses who don’t have the capacity to build that A* development team. We are passionate about technology. We think we have been lucky to be born in a world where there is web and there is mobile. It is unbelievable how technology has been shaping our lives.

At Evenset, we focus on web and mobile applications. Scalability, Security and Support (3S) are our main agenda during and after software production. Evenset is our journey to improve how software is built. There is a long path from documented features to a full functional software. You might get lost in the middle, learn that the specifications themselves need to be updated or you have come the wrong way all together and that’s why we believe in agility. We try to optimize the development process and empower our team by maximizing learning opportunities.

So this blog is our journal. We would like to share what we learn about running a Business to Business model, marketing, sales, technology development and really everything on our path to a successful business model. So stay tuned and follow us on our Linkedin and Twitter pages for more updates.

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