Tooth Shading App

The Opportunity

Dental crown materials and treatment can cost between $500 to $2500. This can be a huge investment from the patients as it affects the oral health as well as the face appearance. However, the current process of choosing a proper shade color for the crown is manual and subjective, hence prone to many human errors. The dentist or the lab technician use Shade Tabs and hold them next to the patient tooth to find the “perfect match”. However, on average six percents of crowns should be remade due to misinterpretation of data or failure to match shades accurately.

The Solution

A well-known dental lab in Burlington, has partnered with Evenset to research about possible solutions to enhance the accuracy of tooth shade color matching process. Initially, different approaches were investigated in an R&D phase. We concluded that with a combination of several image processing techniques the accuracy can be increased to 80%. In the second phase, a mobile application is developed to detect the perfect match using mobile phone camera picture. The app also collects critical information about the patient oral health, teeth size and translucency, and face shape and report it to the corresponding lab.

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