Skylight Home Renovation Management Application

The Opportunity

To create a home renovation management application that would host all the data and communication from within the app. Home renovations can be a huge headache if not organized properly. A homeowner may have a few contractors to several contractors such as interior designers, painters, plumbers, project managers, on-site supervisors, etc. There would be lots of discussions about blueprints, colour palettes, materials, financial budgets, and etc. If would be time consuming to find the right contractor for your project.

The Solution

Skylight is a web application built to add visibility and efficiency to home renovation projects. Our team of developers built a steady user interface that can manage all the major and tiny details of a renovation which includes: tracking budget, monitoring the progress, processing payments, organizing documents, recording communications, and many more. Homeowners can define payment schedules tied to milestones in the project, and they can pay contractors right in the application. A history of all the communication between the participants and an archive of all the photos, videos, documents, invoice and many more are saved for future references for the participants. One of the main features in the application is to connect home renovators to only contractors who have a good track history.

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