Smart Meter IoT (Internet of Things) Application

The Opportunity

There is a high usage and consumption of energy across different provinces within industries such as industrial, commercial, renewable, government, and etc. Ontario consumes the highest energy among all provinces. “Commercial and institutional buildings in Ontario accounted for 35.6% of buildings in Canada and represented 42.9% of the total or area. These buildings consumed the highest share of energy in Canada, at 41.6%.” (Statistics Canada from Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use, 2014)

The Solution

Creating a Cloud application would connect all energy measuring devices to a central server together and would allow accessibility and remote monitoring. Evenset developed the IoT application and streamlined many of the application’s complex processes. The smart meter platform is a web application that can analyze data with a click of a button and can help building managers to make smarter decisions about their energy usage. This platform is a custom smart meter IoT application. It processes the signals received from 10,000 meters, measures power consumption, visualizes more than 50 parameters, manages facility and meter locations, alert system, big data forward, download, and more. Smart-meter is a feature-rich application that can import, export, and analyze data from all connected devices. A hybrid of database and backend solutions are used to cope with the huge load of input data and heavy on demand measurements of the data.

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