Medication Management App

The Opportunity

According to the Canadian Institute for health Information (CHI), the overall health expenditure from 1975 to 2017 has an average growth rate of 2.7 per cent. In 2014, spending on prescribed drugs reached $29.4 billion. Keeping track of the list of medications, the time to take them, and ordering refills can become very hard to manage when you need to take several medications and injections per day. People with Dementia tend to forget their medications which can impose higher risk on their health.

The Solution

Evenset has partnered with a pharmacy to develop a mobile application to manage patients prescribed medication. The app facilitates drug reminders, drug entry and refill orders in the first phase. It includes a database of the medications with their information, side effects and images. It reminds the user the time he needs to take the medication as well as its dose and reason. With this app the user and his/her caregivers have peace of mind by seeing the history of medication usage.

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