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Why Work Here

Are you excited about working on a lot of cool web and mobile applications?

We work with a lot of startups and midsize companies to build their software. We celebrate our growth together and build a growing network of innovative companies in Canada.

Agile Environment

At Evenset you get to work with true champions in software industry. In our dynamic work environment, you will get exposed to many new opportunities to improve your skills and take new responsibilities. Learning and growing as a team is a big part of our culture.

We work smart

We have a culture of working smart. We are open to new ideas from our team and value their feedback, You won’t need to stay after hours or working during the weekends unless you want to. We constantly optimize our processes to make sure we are making the best use of our time while working.

Make a Difference

We partner with a lot of startups, mainly in MedTech, to build truly innovative solutions that affect how we, Canadians, receive health care support day to day. Join our team and be part of a company that makes an impact.

Job Categories

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