With the rise of artificial intelligence and deep learning in recent years, we have been seeing more and more software, mobile applications and generally speaking software solutions built for the Healthcare industry. There are generally four categories of software solutions being developed that will change the way we receive healthcare

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In this blog post, continued from the previous post, we will examine the other metrics in the study to see where canada stands in terms of what is considered as Entrepreneurial. 

New Business Ownership Rate


The second metric we analyzed was the rate of new business ownership. New Business Ownership rate measured the percentage of ...

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In the past few years there has been a constant rhetoric of entrepreneurship in the Canadian media. As many larger businesses suffered a downturn in the recession and its aftermath, many people turned to smaller businesses to continue to economic drive. But this respect for entrepreneurship is not new within Canada, or North America. The entire “American Dream” is based on people being able to draw themselves up by their shoestrings and become successful through entrepreneurship. As our economy continues to develop and change to being a tertiary economy, entrepreneurship will continue to prosper to help facilitate that change. How does this compare to the other countries rapidly moving towards a tertiary economy? Where does Canada stand in entrepreneurship? How can we use this data to continue aiding entrepreneurship in Canada?

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When starting a new project, often the first questions we will have to answer are about the technology behind the product. Our clients, rightfully, can be very specific about the technology with which their product is being built. They meet us and ask about our choices of Backend, UI and Database technologies. Very often the ...

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