Over the past few months Evenset has created two custom Internet of Things (IoT) software solutions for its clients in Toronto. ‘Internet of Things’ is one of the terms that we are sometimes asked to further explain during presentations, and we are always happy to do so. Obviously, there are already plenty of articles covering the same subject, however, we thought we would try and do it differently by keeping it brief, simple, and jargon-free as much as we can.

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Effective utilization of Information Technology has long been a key success factor for businesses in virtually every industry. With the emergence of the Internet, and later on mobile apps, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IOT), it has become even more crucial for businesses to incorporate IT into their processes in order to stay competitive. Furthermore, the Internet itself has created entirely new areas of business that either were not financially justified, or not even imagined possible in the pre-Internet era.
For companies to be able to take advantage of all the possibilities that recent developments in IT have to offer, they sometimes need to go beyond just purchasing commercial-off-the-shelf software. However, they may also lack the necessary resources to build an in-house high quality software development capabilities. They can tap instead into the expertise and resources that top local custom software development companies have to offer. This article, lists a few reasons why it makes sense for businesses in Toronto and elsewhere to hire custom software development firms like Evenset Inc. The following are drawn from our own hands-on experience building custom software for some of our industry partners.

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